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The two immediately prepare to go to the police for information, but Lana reveals she went ahead alone, upsetting them. C.s • Osiris II • Parasite • Penguin • Per Degaton • Pied Piper • Plastique • Poison Ivy • Predator • Professor Ivo • Prometheus • Psycho-Pirate • Puanteur • Quakemaster • Queen Bee • Queen of Fables • Qwardians • Ra's al Ghul • Rainbow Raider • Rama Khan • Red King • Red Volcano • Riddler • Roulette • Royal Flush Gang • Satanus • Scarabus • Scarecrow • Scorch • Secret Society of Super Villains • Shadow Cabinet • Shadow Thief • Shaggy Man • Shark • Shrapnel • Simon Stagg • Sinestro • Silver Ghost • Silver Swan • SKULL • Sledge • Solomon Grundy • Starbreaker • Star Sapphire • Starro • Suicide Squad • Tattooed Man • Tenth Circle • Terra-Man • Three Devils • Thunderers of Qward • T. Morrow • Trickster • Ultra-Humanite • Vandal Savage • Weapons Master • Weather Wizard • Whisper Gang • White Dragon • White Martians • Wizard Justice League America • Justice League Antarctica • Justice League Dark • Justice League Detroit • Justice League Elite • Justice League Europe • Justice League International • Justice League Task Force • Justice Legion Alpha • Justice League Unlimited • Super Buddies American Dreams • Breakdown • Breakdowns • Crisis of Conscience • Crisis Times Five • Cry for Justice • The Dark Things • Divided We Fall • Earth-2 • Earth-Mars War • Extinction • Golden Perfect • Identity Crisis • In the Dark • Injustice League Unlimited • JLA/Avengers • Justice For All • The Lightning Saga • A Midsummer's Nightmare • A New Beginning • New World Order • The Obsidian Age • Omega • Origin • Pain of the Gods • The Queen of Fables • The Rise of Eclipso • Rock of Ages • Royal Pain • Rules of Engagement • Sanctuary • The Second Coming • The Signal Masters • Strength in Numbers • Syndicate Rules • Team History • The Tenth Circle • Terror Incognita • Throne of Atlantis • The Tornado's Path • Tower of Babel • Trial by Fire • The Villain's Journey • When Worlds Collide • World War III • World Without a Justice League • Year One Superman Family member This character is or was an incarnation of or an ally of Superman, and a member of the Superman Family.

Steel was present when the Prime Earth's Superman died of kryptonite poisoning .

His father was in the military and was declared missing in Southeast Asia before Jimmy was born.

In the absence of a father figure, Sarah Olsen became extremely protective of her son.

Shortly afterwards during the Terminaut invasion of Earth led by Brainiac Doctor Irons put on the original Metal-Zero armor to help protect the city.

Surveying the attack Steel noticed Superman in pitched combat with the newly armored John Corben and intervened with the intent to destroy the new Metal-Zero armor.

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When Lana's powers nearly killed her, John was there to watch over her, seeking out Superman to help save her. He, Lana, and Natasha spend time in Smallville while she tries to cope, but she pushes him away in anger.

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  1. We can get as righteous as we’d like about “getting to know somebody’s soul” or the purity of meeting people without our hangups about looks, but without that physical component, it’s impossible to guarantee that you’re going to be attracted to somebody in person.